The West Midlands HEMA Alliance regularly runs sparring days which are open to all HEMA practitioners from all over the United Kingdom and beyond. Please check this page regularly for the next sparring event Dates : Coming Soon Time : Location : Cost : £15.00 per person To book a place please click on the link here: Minimum age 18-years+ Please read our terms   and   conditions before booking onto any course or event. KIT & EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: FULL CONTACT SPARRING - SYNTHETICS - CEN Level-1 (or above) Mask. - Throat Protector. - Recognised protective gloves. - 350N HEMA Jacket - Chest Protectors for ladies / Groin guard for men. - Hits should be confined to protected areas (eg: only targeted to the upper body if your sparring partner has no lower-body protection). FULL CONTACT SPARRING - STEELS - CEN L1 (or above) mask with back of head protection. - Throat Protector. - Recognised HEMA protective gloves (No Red Dragons). - 350N HEMA Jacket - Chest protector for ladies / Groin guard for men. - 350N HEMA Breeches. - Knee protection and shin guards. - (An 800N Under-plastron is recommended but not required) - all sparring without one MUST use commensurate force to the protection worn. FULL CONTACT SPARRING - SYNTHETIC DAGGERS - CEN Level-1 (or above mask) - Throat protector. - Protective gloves. - Chest protector for women / Groin guard for men. - 350 N HEMA Jacket for all over targeting. OR - Chest protector (plastic/stab-vest/padded/jerkin etc.) But all hits must be confined to protected areas - (e.g. mask and protected areas of the body). Those who do not have the necessary protective equipment as detailed above are welcome to engage in slow-sparring or non-contact sparring for which a mask MUST be worn as minimum protection. If BHEMAC Leadership judge an item of PPE to be unsuitable/unsafe then they reserve the right to refuse the right to refuse sparring participation or to insist on a different weapon format (e.g. Synthetics instead of steel) or sparring level/intensity.
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