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Our weekly classes are currently held on Wednesday evenings between 7.30-9.30pm at: Nightlife Outreach 24-32 Princip Street Birmingham B4 6LN Minimum age for training is 18+ years C LUB MEMBERSHIP & FEES Training sessions currently cost £8.00 per person per night . Membership fees: £35.00 per annum - we will discuss this with you after a few training sessions so you get the taste for HEMA. C LUB UNIFORM (AND WHAT TO BRING WITH YOU) We are not reenactors, we do not dress up in period costume and we don’t pretend we’re living in the middle-ages and curse the modern world - (we appreciate toothpaste and modern plumbing too much!). We have no official uniform for the club. For   beginners we run regular beginners courses that are designed to give you a taste of what HEMA is about and introduce you to our approach and what training involves. Please click on the “Beginners Course” button to find out when our next course will be. While we can lend a fencing mask and some basic armour, we suggest you bring some sturdy gloves that will offer protection to your fingers. A good pair of leather gardening gloves will do to start with, though something with a bit more padding is recommended. We can can lend synthetic sparring swords to attendees and members. Current   HEMA   Fencers , if you have full HEMA gear then feel free to bring it with you, though anyone intending to wear full harness may be a touch overdressed.
For further information: info@birminghamhemaclub.co.uk
Nightlife Outreach 24-32 Princip Street Birmingham B4 6LN WEDNESDAY EVENINGS 7.30 - 9.30pm Minimum age for all training is 18+ years