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Quantum Exhibition Centre 77 Upper Trinity Street Digbeth Birmingham B9 4EG WEDNESDAY EVENINGS 7.30 - 9.30pm Minimum age for all training is 18+ years
We   primarily   study   the   techniques   of   Italian   fight   master   Fiore   dei   Liberi, focusing   on   longsword,   dagger   and   abrazare   (unarmed),   but   also   study sword   and   buckler   techniques   found   in   the   Walpurgis   manuscript   (I.33),   as well as the combat-styles of German masters such as Joachim Meyer.
We   draw   our   methodology   from   both   primary   and   secondary   sources   and enjoy   exploring,   as   a   group,   the   range   of   interpretations   that   come   with the rediscovery of a medieval and renaissance fighting techniques.
For further information: info@birminghamhemaclub.co.uk
W HAT CAN I EXPECT FROM A HEMA SESSION WITH BHC? At   Birmingham   HEMA   Club,   our   training   sessions   are   pretty   varied,   and   we cover   a   wide   variety   of   techniques   and   combat   styles,   but   each   training session tends to follow a similar format. To   begin   with   we   make   sure   we   do   a   comprehensive   warm-up.      Nothing Olympian,   but   enough   to   make   sure   the   muscles   we’re   going   to   use   are warmed   up   and   stretched   well.      We’ll   usually   follow   this   up   with   a   simple game   that   teaches   a   technique   or   principle,   whilst   getting   everyone   into the mindset for the session. Next   we   go   through   some   fundamentals;   a   few   cutting   drills   and   footwork exercises   to   keep   the   essentials   sharp   and   on   point.      As   with   many   martial arts, keeping the fundamentals solid is the key to development. After   that   we’ll   address   the   new   technique   or   skills   we’re   focusing   on   for the   session.      This   will   be   led   by   one   of   our   instructors,   and   will   cover   an exploration    of    a    technique    taken    directly    from    one    of    out    source manuscripts,   which   we   interpret   and   develop   into   a   teaching   exercise.     This   is   when   our   instructors   will   work   closely   with   you   to   refine   and   hone your   technique.      Techniques   normally   build   into   technical   or   tactical   drills which encompass all the techniques covered during the session. Finally   for   those   who   have   enough   kit   to   meet   our   safety   standards,   we finish   with   some   contact   sparring,   where   the   techniques   and   drills   studied can   be   built   into   a   practical   combat   experience.      Those   without   full   kit   will work   on   slow   and   controlled   sparring   exercises,   which   builds   precision and technique into combat experience. We   find   this   structure   is   ideal   for   continued   teaching   and   development   of students’   techniques,   whilst   making   sure   everyone   has   a   great   experience of HEMA and enjoys themselves. W HAT KIT SHOULD I BRING? HEMA    can    be    practised    as    a    full    contact    martial    art    or    a    non-contact exploration of historical medieval and renaissance manuscripts. To   compete   at   competition   level   there   is   a   fair   bit   of   gear   and   kit   required to   meet   safety   standards.      We’re   not   talking   about   dressing   up   in   full   maile or   plate   armour,   and   for   the   most   part   HEMA   practitioners   don’t   wear historically   accurate   clothing   in   the   way   that   reenactors   do.      HEMA   has specially   designed   sporting   gear   that   honours   its   roots   whilst   bringing   in modern     materials,     movement     requirements     and     safety     standards.       However,   we   don’t   expect   newcomers   to   arrive   fully   kitted   and   ready   to compete,   and   we   completely   understand   that   people   may   want   to   amass their kit over a longer period of time, to spread out the costs. For   your   first   training   sessions   come   with   comfortable   clothes   that   you can   move   around   in   and   exercise   in   easily   (jeans   and   heeled   shoes   are   not recommended).      We   can   lend   sparring   swords,   masks,   and   basic   body- armour   for   your   first   session,   though   if   you   have   a   sturdy   pair   of   gloves, such   as   leather   gardening   gloves,   full-finger   paintball   gloves,   goalie   gloves or hockey gloves we recommend that you bring those along. As   you   progress   in   the   sport,   and   you’re   certain   its   for   you,   our   instructors will   be   on   hand   to   suggest   what   gear   you   may   want   to   start   getting   hold of, and where best to get hold of what you need.